Custom Cartoons

Make an impact with your customers in DM pieces and ad campaigns.

T-shirts, mugs and mousepads imprinted with 5th Wave cartoons help reinforce your message in a warm and humorous way. Cartoons can be chosen from the library, as is, or customized to include the name of your company, product, or customer. If a reprint from our library doesn't quite meet your goals, an original cartoon can be commissioned to more specifically meet your objectives. Contact us with a description of your project and we'll send you a quote. 

Hear what our customers have to say!

"Promotional items featuring The 5th Wave cartoons consistently become leading response generators." —Faith Marcello, Circulation Promotion Manager, CW Publishing Co.

"Our publication is mostly serious stuff (technical articles, etc.), so we depend on Rich Tennant to provide a bit of comic relief. We have never missed having two 5th Wave cartoons in each issue". — Vaughn Dragland, Editor, AS/400 User Group News-Magazine

"Rich's quirky sense of humor gets into the mindset of our target audiences and makes them laugh at themselves and their jobs ... he raises the perceived value of our clients' products to a level heretofore unachieved."
—Dave Dimmick, President, Dimmick & Fornari Advertising