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"Jeez, You'd think these people never saw a laptop before!"
"What is it Lassie? Is it Gramps? Is it his hard drive? Is he stuck somewhere, girl? Is he trying to write CGI programs to a Unix server running VRML? What, girl, what?"
"That's the problem - on Facebook everyone knows you’re a dog."
""What a wonderful swirled icing effect. How ever did you do it?"
"And everything from my dig is brought here where it's identified, classified, interpreted, and then eaten."
"I'm sorry but 'Arf, Bark and Woof' are already registered domain names. How about 'Oink, Quack, or Moo'?'"
(Trouble on the Set) "All the software in the world won't make this a great film. Only you can, Rusty. Only you and the guts and determination to be the finest Frisbee catching dog in this dirty little town. Now come on Rusty, it's magic time." "We're losing the light, Dad."
"A centralized security management system sounds fine, but then what would we do with the dogs?"