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"He wants the cat for his next trick. I'd be real careful about this, Eileen."
"Oh, she makes all sorts of origami designs, but always seems intent on starting with a bird base."
(Bernice Crochets an Afghan)
(Modern Blacksmithing) "It's not like the old days when anyone could work on their own horse. Now, it's all computerized."
"Oh, it was so cute. He looked at me with those big ears, his nose twitching, and he started hopping up and down. That's when I said, 'Arthur, stop hopping up and down! We'll go pick out a rabbit this afternoon.'"
"Oh see, now that was what I was afraid of. We didn't give him enough toys to play with so he started making his own mischief. Morris! Come and see what bunny made in the broom closet!"
"You the couple interested in adopting a German Shepherd?"
"Okay, the fish seemed to be having digestive problems, so how many Alka-Seltzers did you add to their water?"