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"I see that you're still collecting scraps for your quilting projects."
"By the way, I quilted this hood myself." "Stop it! You didn't! What is that, a blanket stitch?"
"If it's any consolation, you hemmed the length on this leg perfectly."
"Maybe a shower curtain wasn't the best thing to try and make into an evening dress."
"I learned so many new skills making this one. How to knit and to purl, how to ignore the phone when it's ringing, how to pretend I'm listening to people when they're talking to me, how to get the dog to make its own meals ..."
"You're right - I probably will be the only one on the dirt track circuit to own a carburetor cozy."
"Gee thanks, but I don't think a gingham neck cozy and a peg board bonnet really go with the rest of my guitar."
"Oh, she makes all sorts of origami designs, but always seems intent on starting with a bird base."