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"My car runs part of the time on an alternative energy source. In fact, here it is now."
"Ok, Darryl, I think it's time to admit we didn't load the onboard mapping software correctly."
(Al's Plumbing) "She keeps running after I turn her off. " "Have you tried jiggling the handle?"
"My car is approaching the law of diminishing returs." "You mean it's no worth repairing anymore? "No. I mean the number of times it returns home on its own power is diminishing."
"Did you see the spoiler on this car, sir?" "Yes I just found it
"But Batman, think of the fuel economy." "I still miss the Batmobile."
(The Danger of RV Lowriders) "Hey, I'm pouring cofee back here!"
"I don't know about your oil, but the goulash you're cooking in your crankcase looks done."