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"The next time we get an additional round of funding, don't say anything. You're lucky I convinced them 'Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!' was Swahili for thank you, thank you!"
"The University is certainly grateful for this check you're writing, and we all look forward to seeing your nephew, Grant, no pun intended, at our school in a few years."
"The math portion of that test was easy. I figure I've got a 7 in 5 chance of acing it."
Early Attempts To Calculate The Exact Temperature Of The Sun - "How's this? Hot enough for you?"
On Aug. 3, 1992, the moon rose over the horizon wearing heavy eyeliner and a mohawk. Fortunately it was just a phase.
"I practiced for the AP US History exam all day yesterday, so I'm as ready as Alexander Hamilton giving the Gettysburg address at the Alamo."
"Remember there are 4 types of questions on the Advanced Placement tests: multiple choice, document based, essay, and 'How would you like to drive big rigs for a living?' "
"I'm studying for the AP English Language and Composition test, so if you don't mind, I'd like to preview, annotate, outline, and summarize this ticket before signing it."