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"We're still analyzing the data from our door-to-door survey."
"Good news, Sir Reginald. The King has elected you his succesor to the throne."
"I practiced for the AP US History exam all day yesterday, so I'm as ready as Alexander Hamilton giving the Gettysburg address at the Alamo."
"Okay - Mommy's going off now to build a Boeing B-29 Superfortress. You kids behave or I'll bring my rivet gun home with me."
(At The Treaty Of Versailles, Britain, France, Italy And The United States Established That Germany's Colonies Be Taken From Her, That They Be Excluded From The League Of Nations, And That They Pay Reparation For World War I. -Additionally, Several Lunch And Dinner Checks Were Charged To Their Account By The "Big Four".) "I think I'll start with the escargot, and then I'll have the Coq au Vin..."
In August of 1939, British Codebreakers Receive A Stolen German Cipher Machine Called "Enigma". The Machine Was Used To Send Coded Information Between German U-boats And Land Based Command. - We've pretty much deciphered how this thing works. One thing - we're still having trouble setting the bloody clock. Can't seem to stop it from showing '12:00' all the time.
(In Jan. 1943, The Decision To Invade Italy Through Sicily Was Made At The Casablanca Conference.) "President Roosevelt, you know General de Gaulle, Prime Minister Churchill, Sam the piano player."
(Sacagawea Offered a Unique Contribution to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. - Why is it so hard for men to ask for directions?!)