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"The math portion of that test was easy. I figure I've got a 7 in 5 chance of acing it."
"Those of you that did well in the math portion of the ASVAB, line up in multiples of 3 to form columns which, when divided by 5, would give you a non-prime number."
Early Attempts To Calculate The Exact Temperature Of The Sun - "How's this? Hot enough for you?"
"What's the algebraic formula for calculating interest on $1,000 compounded over 18 months earning 7 percent interest with an incredible lucky streak at the dog track?"
Ronny Had The Speed But Not The Knowledge Of Graphing Quadratic Equations To Play Really Great Football
"How about that folks. A perfectly balanced checkbook - good boy!"
"Visionary architect or rotten mathematician, the jury's still out."
Relying Too Much On AlgebraTo Get The Right Answer - "Yes, I can see that's a quadratic polynomial, but no, I still don't want to marry you."