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"My hunch is, it's another Anatomy 101 study group."
"In the Physiology Dept., Professor Rickman was known as being one lobe short of a limbic system."
"What's the algebraic formula for calculating interest on $1,000 compounded over 18 months earning 7 percent interest with an incredible lucky streak at the dog track?"
Ronny Had The Speed But Not The Knowledge Of Graphing Quadratic Equations To Play Really Great Football
"I always get a good night's sleep before a test so I'm relaxed and alert the next morning. Then I grab my pen, eat a banana and I'm on my way."
ACT Overload - "We can't eat pizza until Lamar determines the relationship of the 3 small wedges to the 2 larger ones."
"Along with "Antimatter" and "Dark Matter", we've recently discovered the existence of "Doesn't Matter", which seems to have no effect on the universe whatsoever.
"Can anyone tell me,if I'm eating from the endocrine system, or the nervous system? I always get the two mixed up."