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"The University is certainly grateful for this check you're writing, and we all look forward to seeing your nephew, Grant, no pun intended, at our school in a few years."
"I'm not familiar with auditing terms. What do you think that means?"
"Numbers to an accountant are like notes to a composer, and Janet, these accounts are not music to my ears."
"I'm entering all the bank's requirements for a mortgage, and I either have to buy a computer with more memory or start looking for a smaller house."
"You ever notice how doing the books is a lot like assembling a swing set for the kids? You always end up with a few pieces left over at the end."
"This ledger certainly paints a picture of the company. Edvard Munch's "The Scream" comes to mind."
"Hi, I'm Bob Darrel. I'm here to perform the audit of your books. Don't mind the vultures, they follow me everywhere."
"I don't like the numbers on this report. Send it down to Marketing and see what they can do with it."