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"I put an extension on my tax return like you suggested, but I still don't think it's going to get there on time."
"...and this will calculate your earned average income, corporate tax rate, and allowable charitable contributions."
"And just how long did you think you could keep that pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow a secret from us, Mr. O'Shea?"
(IRS Service Center - IRS Figures Your Taxes - IRS Figures Your Golfing Handicap - IRS Figures Your Gas Mileage - IRS Figures The Tip On A Dinner For Four, Under $200 Without The Wine.)
"Death and taxes are for certain, Mr. Dooley; however, they're not mutually exclusive."
"Leveling, grading, and terracing the land is a deductible expense - for FARMERS, Mr. Daniels, not for people with putting greens in their backyards."
(Phil Harrison Visits His Tax Attorney) "The new tax law goes on to say that '
"I got excellent advice on my tax return from a very knowledgeable guy. All the while he cleaned my windshield and checked the air pressure in my tires."