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"How about that folks. A perfectly balanced checkbook - good boy!"
"I think if you subtract the figure in the 'Days I Go Home Early' column from the figure in the "Snippy Attitude" column you'll reach a zero-sum figure."
"Isn't that our bookkeeper?"
"This is NOT what I expected when you said you'd like me to be your bookkeeper. Read me the next entry from the ledger."
"Hello - forget the company's financials, look at the CEO's Facebook page under '25 Things the SEC Doesn't Know About Me.'"
"So, someone's using your credit card info to buy stylish clothes, opera tickets and exercise equipment. In what way would this qualify as identity theft?"
"The yen is up, the dollar is down, the franc is all over the place. The only currency I'm comfortable with are my Linden-Dollars in Second Life."
"I put an extension on my tax return like you suggested, but I still don't think it's going to get there on time."