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"I'm trying to incorporate more stretching and ROM exercises into my daily routine."
"Oh that's disgusting. Using the Wii Fit as a tray table for your pizza!"
"Why train for a triathlon? I guess after 18 years of raising kids, running a part-time business, and volunterring at the hospital, I wanted to challenge myself."
"You'd better get some rest before tommoroow's race. Yesterday, you fell asleep in 12 minutes and 18 seconds. Let's see if we can better that."
(Despite his initial confusion with the name, Scott finished 13th in the Ironman competition.)
(Mona managed a workout wherever she went. Mailing a letter. At the Mall. Grocery shopping. Doing the laundry.)
"This position is good for reaching inner calm, mental clarity, and things that roll behind the refrigerator."
"I am following the schedule! Today I skipped the rope, then I skipped the weights, then I skipped the crunches."