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"I do most of my lunging at the 70% off table at Neiman Marcus."
"I'm not sure I can live up to my workout clothes."
"No, Dave isn't big on exercise. About once every three years we take him to the doctor's and have his pores surgically opened."
(Easy At Home Exercise Routines: The ironing board Nordic Toner, The dishwasher back row, The relish jar grip enhancer, Kitchen phone overhead pull.)
"If I'm supposed to be so over the hill, how come it feels like I'm still going up one?"
(Before Leaping Tall Buildings In A Single Bound, Superman Always Made Sure To Do Adequate Stretching Exercises.)
"Okay, you've got the breathing down, but wouldn't you be more comfortable in a different workout suit?"
"Apparently, what happens is, they try to push a tree over. When they find out they can't, they go running off in frustration."