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"Oh for gosh sake - you've got to figure out what you're doing wrong when you make upside-down cake, or you're gonna kill yourself."
"You could call it homemade, but I prefer to call it artisanal toddler food."
"Actually, it's not party ice, it's homemade baby food I keep in ice trays. Why?"
"You can bake and grind nuts, but I'd stay away from pureeing and don't even go near your panini grill until after June 15th."
"Your father suffers from 'Notip Arthritis.' It's characterized by a stiffening of the waitress."
Finding Foods That Are Good For You
(Anti-Inflammation Recipes)
"I am being mindful about food and my eating. That's how I know you've got 3 more chips on your plate than I do."