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"This Glycemic Index Diet should work as long as my Looks So Good Gotta Have It Index doesn't kick in."
"It's the gluten-free edition."
"I think my family's finally accepted my new way of cooking. I've eliminated all of the gluten, some of the fat, and most of the sarcasm."
"I'm pretty sure you're supposed to just smell the cork."
"The problem with wine tastings is you're not supposed to swallow, and Clifford refuses to spit. Fortunately he studied rumpet with Dizzy Gillespie."
"Well, I'm enough of a wine expert to know that if the boat were sinking, there'd be several cases of this Bordeaux that would go into a lifeboat before you would."
"After this long list of additives it lists the expiration date. Does that pertain to the product or the person who eats it?"
"For the last time - pregnant vegetarians do NOT give birth to Cabbage Patch dolls!"