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"Look at that craftsmanship. Notice the patina. It's already three years old. In the computer industry, that makes it a genuine antique."
"Honey! I think the angelfish have outgrown the neon tetras!"
"Gee, Mark - look at this pot. It's obviously quite old, but in wonderful condition…"
"On the other hand, he could be a fourth for bridge."
"Betty - don't you dare use this as an excuse to lose concentration!"
"I thought she was counting tricks too, until she started snoring."
"And how many times has this happened to you? You land in a nice secluded spot, get out to take a picture, and a couple of yahoos in a pickup truck wander into frame?"
"If I'm not gaining weight then why does this digital image take up 3MB more memory than a comparable one taken six months ago?"