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"...and here's what we canned from the garden this year. Beets, carrots, cucumbers...oh, there's that glove I couldn't find."
"The kids mixed up the canning labels with the photo album labels. Just hand me a jar of Aunt Thelma so I can finish this pie before Peaches and Pickles get here."
(Spelling Bee Ball Had Little Influence On The Game We Know Today.)
"The pH level in the soil seems a bit high."
"That's very nice of you, dear. But I really don't think just one beetle in the garden will do much damage."
"I just think it's ironic that someone with a face lift, an eye job, implants and a hair weave should all of a sudden become Miss Natural-Organic-Gardener."
"I used an all natural method of pest control, but we're still getting an occasional vacuum cleaner salesman in the garden."
"Organic gardening's become a way of life for us. I'll tell you more about it once Tom's finished aerating the soil."