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Ridin' High in the Ergonomic Saddle - " I don't care if this is better for my back, I'm startin' to feel ridiculous."
"My daughter is autistic, but don't worry, once she calms down she'll act just like you minus the contemptuously judgmental glare."
"Our daughter's been living independently with autism for years now, but that's because we provided her with skills. She knows how to cook, she knows how to shop, she knows how to find Prada on sale …"
"Your son's autism is still affecting his job, but we're learning to deal with some of his repetitive symptoms. For instance, he always shows up on time, always puts in a full day's work, and always lets me know when my toupee's not on straight."
"I know being with dogs and swimming with dolphins have proven therapeutic for ASDs, but when my doctor suggested Hippotherapy for our son I said there's no way he's getting in a mud hole with a giant pig."
"I was born under the 'Parking' sign. My mother never made it from the car to the hospital."
"I've learned a few tricks for dealing with my arthritis. One is to invest in a good jar opener."
"Your father suffers from 'Notip Arthritis.' It's characterized by a stiffening of the waitress."