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"I just don't get it. The Robinsons next door sold their house in 5 days and it was the exact same model 3-room ranch that I have."
"I'm entering all the bank's requirements for a mortgage, and I either have to buy a computer with more memory or start looking for a smaller house."
"Mr. Johnson, I think we found your dream home! By the way, how do you feel about ghosts, ancient burial grounds and curses?"
"The salesman convinced us that a security system would really increase our home's resale value."
"Kid down here is practicing his drums
"Sometimes Bill working for the city comes in real handy. Like when we decided to replace the kitchen fixtures."
"I could rent you this one. It's got a pool in the backyard. Then I got a six bedroom with a fountain out front, but nothing right now with a moat."
Evidently, he made millions flipping real estate in Japan.