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"Okay, we all know how this is done. There are 4 of you and only 3 regional manager openings. Margaret - start the music."
"Another successful transfer of power."
"Good news, Sir Reginald. The King has elected you his succesor to the throne."
"It looks like a very good business plan. 'Protect the neighborhood,' 'Rescue small animals,' but 'Leap tall buildings with a single bound' sounds a little like you're overreaching."
"Of course I respect your work at a pharmaceutical company. Little Dristan and Bactine here should be proof of that."
"Your son's autism is still affecting his job, but we're learning to deal with some of his repetitive symptoms. For instance, he always shows up on time, always puts in a full day's work, and always lets me know when my toupee's not on straight."
FIRED, YOU - "Nifty chart, Frank, but not entirely necessary."
"This part of the test tells us whether you are personally suited to the job of network administrator."