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(Tarzan - Lord of the Web) "...and then one day it hit Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - where future in that?"
"I checked the references for Ms. Snow White. While one seemed quite happy, the others were just bashful, gumpy, or out and out dopey."
"Our indirect pay package includes your choice of company car or company skateboard."
"The next part of your employment test is designed to determine your sense of humor."
(It Was The One Time Muckridge Regretted Wearing His Save-The-Whales Lapel Pin.) "You've passed the interview, Muckridge. Welcome aboard The
"I wonder if you'd care to explain the rather large gap in your employment history, Mr. Gulliver?"
"I have an interview with a law firm. I hope to make an impression."
"Other than that, what would you say are your special skills and competencies?"