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"There are several regional dialects to the Arabic language. Right now we're learning the falafel sandwich shop dialect."
"Honey, please! Be patient! How's anyone going to know what's wrong unless I find the Russian word for 'alligator?"
"Stop, stop, stop! I told you not to call a square dance in Spanish until you had the verbs down!"
"Here's something. It's a language school that will teach you to speak French for $500, or for $200 they'll just give you an accent."
"Maybe next time you'll learn your negative verbs in French before having a suit made in Paris."
"I'd ask for directions in German, but I don't know how to form a question into the shape of an apology."
(Garderobe) "What do you say - formal or informal greeting?"
(Adult Ed. Conversational Hebrew) "My wife and I are taking the course together. I figure I only have to learn half as much, since she finishes all of my sentences anyway."