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"There are several regional dialects to the Arabic language. Right now we're learning the falafel sandwich shop dialect."
"I'd ask for directions in German, but I don't know how to form a question into the shape of an apology."
(Garderobe) "What do you say - formal or informal greeting?"
(Adult Ed. Conversational Hebrew) "My wife and I are taking the course together. I figure I only have to learn half as much, since she finishes all of my sentences anyway."
"I have to remember that Arabic is read the way it's written - right to left. I once read an Arabic recipe left to right and made a cup of rice, a pound of ground lamb, and a jar of greens out of a plate of stuffed grape leaves."
"So far you've called a rickshaw, a unicyclist, and a Zamboni. I really wish you'd learn the Italian word for taxicab."
"I'm not sure if I'm stressing the right syllable in the wrong word, or stressing the wrong syllable in the right word, but it's starting to stress me out."
"You want me to use the pasato remoto? What does the channel changer that came with our Japanese television set have to do with learning Italian verbs?"