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"So far you've called a rickshaw, a unicyclist, and a Zamboni. I really wish you'd learn the Italian word for taxicab."
"I'm not sure if I'm stressing the right syllable in the wrong word, or stressing the wrong syllable in the right word, but it's starting to stress me out."
"You want me to use the pasato remoto? What does the channel changer that came with our Japanese television set have to do with learning Italian verbs?"
"Now c'mon Darryl. Japanese grammatical order is subject-object-verb. Not smile-point-shrug."
"I wasn't sure how to ask in Korean for our shoes back after the meal, so I just ordered them for dessert."
"Honey, please! Be patient! How's anyone going to know what's wrong unless I find the Russian word for 'alligator?"
"You mean, 'wo', 'ta', 'baba', and 'mama' are all words in the Mandarin dialect? My gosh, Alice, our baby's been speaking Chinese the last few weeks!"
"I'm not sure what he's yelling about. It's all in French. But I think he's calling you a monster."