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"I'd like to see how he plans to enforce a contract written on a baseball bat. It's not even notarized."
"The defendant is required to answer the question. At the time the contract was executed, did you or did you not link pinkies with the plaintiff?"
"I guess you should have read the fine print on that tag before you ripped it off the mattress."
"I've been an expert computer witness for over 20 years. I've testified about fraudulent whatnots, failed doohickies, missing thingys, you name it."
"I don't know if we had irreconcilable differences or not. We never talk."
"My analyst said I should channel the emotions of my divorce into an activity or pastime. Matador comes to mind."
(The justices rule on Paper vs. Scissors vs. Stone)
"I'm sorry Mr. Garret, a 35 year old tattoo doesn't qualify as a legal trademark for ''"