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"Those of you that did well in the math portion of the ASVAB, line up in multiples of 3 to form columns which, when divided by 5, would give you a non-prime number."
"You can bake and grind nuts, but I'd stay away from pureeing and don't even go near your panini grill until after June 15th."
"I was born under the 'Parking' sign. My mother never made it from the car to the hospital."
"The surgery went fine, though I can't say much for their post-operative sensitivity."
(CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien - Both Were Members of the Intellectual Group, "The Inklings".) "Steady. Don't make eye contact, and don't say anything stupid."
"There's still some controversy around this part of my birth chart where I calculated the position of the cars in the hospital parking lot at the time of birth."
"I don't suppose we could discuss this when my Mars isn't in opposition to your Sun?"
"Here, Judy - take a few steps back to really admire the intricate design and construction of this building."