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"Okay, we all know how this is done. There are 4 of you and only 3 regional manager openings. Margaret - start the music."
"The strings on a ukulele are G, C, E, and A. A good way to remember that is with the phrase, 'Giant Coackroaches Eat A lot'. "
"Numbers to an accountant are like notes to a composer, and Janet, these accounts are not music to my ears."
"I don't get it. I'm playing a legendary jazz musician and the director keeps telling me to stick to the script and stop improvising."
"In searching for a successful model of change for the business, I recalled how successfully punk rock changed the music sceneā€¦"
"When I asked you to put on some mood music, 'On Wisconsin' wasn't the mood I was going for."
"Normally, a cross-hand technique is used for reaching upper register notes. But what you're doing is fine, as long as it doesn't hurt."
(Harriet's First Gig) "C'mon! Allegro vivace! Allegro vivace! We're selling ice cream not coffins!"