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"We figure 'Art' stands for arththritis because it's such a painful joint to have around you."
"I just don't get it. The Robinsons next door sold their house in 5 days and it was the exact same model 3-room ranch that I have."
"I'm entering all the bank's requirements for a mortgage, and I either have to buy a computer with more memory or start looking for a smaller house."
"Mr. Johnson, I think we found your dream home! By the way, how do you feel about ghosts, ancient burial grounds and curses?"
"The salesman convinced us that a security system would really increase our home's resale value."
"Of course I could never afford a shoe this size if I weren't collecting rents from a tennis shoe across town and two espadrilles in Florida."
"I could rent you this one. It's got a pool in the backyard. Then I got a six bedroom with a fountain out front, but nothing right now with a moat."
Evidently, he made millions flipping real estate in Japan.