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"There's been a lot of interest shown in your home, but no offers. I suggest we either lower the price or start selling advertising space on your virtual tour site."
"Margaret would like to move to a larger house, but I just don't see the need."
"My suggestion would be to cover it with a bush and hope no one notices."
"I think I fixed the intercom. Just remember to speak in to the ceiling fan when the doorbell rings."
"We got a hybrid loan. It starts out as a fixed rate loan, converts into an ARM, and if the lender's not satisfied with his return, we host his in-laws every other summer in the basement."
"The paperwork for your mortgage seems to be in order. Now, if we can tap a vein for your signature we'll be all set."
"When we bought it 5 years ago the mortgage payments seemed huge. But we got used to it. Please, pull up an orange crate and make yourself comfortable."
"OK, OK! You drive hard bargain. Me throw in washing machine."