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"When did we stop giving an 'amen' and start giving the 'wave'?"
The Virtue of Humility
"Spiritually, I believe I can manifest many good things in my life. But right now, I'd settle for being able to manifest a cab."
"I'm thinking of taking a spiritual journey, but I want to make sure I look right for the trip."
"You know how you're always saying we can learn a spiritual lesson when bad things happen to us? Well you're about to get a spiritual lesson from Herb's Towing and Collision and the Able Auto Insurance company."
"We don't need to consult the Torah. I'm the mother, and when I say 8:30 is bedtime, that's the law."
"It's the brand-new iTorah. I'm organizing my mitzvahs into shuffle mode."
(Sarah - Upon learning she was pregnant at the age of 90, becomes the Mother of Israel and coins the term "Oy!" on the same day.) "I'm what?"