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"Spiritually, I believe I can manifest many good things in my life. But right now, I'd settle for being able to manifest a cab."
"I'm thinking of taking a spiritual journey, but I want to make sure I look right for the trip."
"You know how you're always saying we can learn a spiritual lesson when bad things happen to us? Well you're about to get a spiritual lesson from Herb's Towing and Collision and the Able Auto Insurance company."
"We don't need to consult the Torah. I'm the mother, and when I say 8:30 is bedtime, that's the law."
"It's the brand-new iTorah. I'm organizing my mitzvahs into shuffle mode."
(Sarah - Upon learning she was pregnant at the age of 90, becomes the Mother of Israel and coins the term "Oy!" on the same day.) "I'm what?"
"When did we stop giving an 'amen' and start giving the 'wave'?"
The Virtue of Humility