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"So, our daughter tells us she's dating a Mormon. Julie's father and I understand that Mormons never curse. Tell me Mr. Stuart, how good a Mormon are you?"
"That one was really close! A little lower and to the left!"
(The Apocalypse of John) Okay, no one's going to believe this without a snappy title. Let's see, "The Awesome Moment of John,
"Before I blow my trumpet and deliver a burning ball of fire down upon the earth, how about a few choruses of 'What a friend we have in Jesus'?"
Tibetan Buddhist Meditation/Stiff Jointed Buddhist Meditation
"So, relief from suffering is found by following an Eightfold Path? The path I've followed for relief from suffering has generally gone past several large shopping malls."
Buddhist Cafe -Dharma Day Special -All You Can Abstain From Buffet
"My parents are Muslim. We live by the Five Pillars." "Cool. I have an uncle who lives by the Six Flags."