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"The pitcher's having a little trouble with his inside curve and I'm trying to help him out."
Ronny Had The Speed But Not The Knowledge Of Graphing Quadratic Equations To Play Really Great Football
"I was giving them a rousing motivational speech from my college football days, at the end of which everyone jumped up and butted heads."
"Yeah, I've seen large defensive linemen before, but those are the only guys I've ever seen who can carry a 6-digit number on their jerseys."
(SLOW) "Did you tell the Russell kid you wanted him to play 'Safety?'"
"You'd better get some rest before tommoroow's race. Yesterday, you fell asleep in 12 minutes and 18 seconds. Let's see if we can better that."
"Why train for a triathlon? I guess after 18 years of raising kids, running a part-time business, and volunterring at the hospital, I wanted to challenge myself."
(Boat For Sale) "Very clever, but how much do you want for the boat without the bottle?"