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"Relax, we're not lost! I have a chart and I know how to read it. Like, right now I can tell you we're in the galley."
(It Wasn't Long Before Bill And Irwin Decided To Try Diving As A Way To Pass The Time)
(Tiny Lagoon Dive Tours - Dive among our many man made reefs) "Did you want to take the Schwinn bicycle dive, the Weber gas grill dive, or the Craftsman riding lawn mower dive?"
(Jerry Fails To Heed The Dive Guide's Request That No One Eat A Heavy Lunch Before The Dive.) (Hey-who's gonna know?)
"Honestly - I thought it was an exotic sea urchin. It never occurred to mme that someone would actually snorkel with a toupee on."
(Doug shows the vacation video he shot diving among the pool toys) "Watch how close I'm able to get to the Noodles."
"This is the 5th time down the slope you've claimed a sudden urge to make a snow angel. Why don't you just admit you're falling?"
"Well, it's partially their fault for putting a restaurant that close to the chairlift."