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(Dad Adds Multimedia Sound And Graphics To The Traditional Campfire Ghost Story)
Well," heck - all the boy did was launch a search on the Web and up comes Tracy's retainer, your car keys, and my bowling trophy here on a site in Seattle!"
"It's a free starter disk for AOL."
"That's the problem - on Facebook everyone knows you’re a dog."
"I know it's a short profile, but I thought 'King of the Jungle' sort of said it all."
"I know Facebook is great and you want to be a part of it. But your'e my mom -you can't be my friend."
"It worked, honey!. I'm connected to the network!"
"Hang on! I keep entering a search for 'squishy red orb next to the lungs,' and this dumb browser keeps taking me to sites for rubber balls, Silly Putty, and chew toys."