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"Jeez, You'd think these people never saw a laptop before!"
(Dad Adds Multimedia Sound And Graphics To The Traditional Campfire Ghost Story)
"I tell him many times - get lighter laptop. But him think he know better. Him have big ego. Him say 'Me Tarzan, you not!' That when vine break."
"Good thing I had my laptop with me. Try turning it over now."
"Okay - you were right, I was wrong. F5 opens the garage door, and F6 backs the car out."
"Okay, enlarge the chicken bone by 900 percent and attach it to an email to the museum saying, 'Getting close...send more money.'"
"He saw your laptop and wants to know if he can check his email."
"You should see the detail in this Topo map of the area. It's like we're standing right there."