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"These digital cameras are great at capturing action shots. Now, if only something interesting would happen."
"I'd respond to this person's comment on Twitter, but I'm a former Marine, Bernard, and a Marine never retweets."
"I build bookshelves and Bernice buys a Kindle."
"Okay antidote, antidote, what would an antidote icon look like? You know I still haven't got this desktop the way I'd like it."
"I find it so obnoxious when people use their cell phone in public that I'm getting on the Web right now to blog about it."
"Ok, Darryl, I think it's time to admit we didn't load the onboard mapping software correctly."
"Of course your current cell phone takes pictures, functions as a walkie-talkie and browses the internet. But does it shoot silly string?"
"It's an electronic wedding planner. It'll create your checklists and timetables, and after the ceremony it turns all the documents into confetti and throws it in your face."