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"You outsourced security to who?!"
"We found where the security breach in the WLAN was originating. It was coming through in another rogue robot-vac. This is the third one this month. Must have gotten away from its owner, like all the rest."
"A centralized security management system sounds fine, but then what would we do with the dogs?"
"We take network security very seriously here."
(Computer Sciences Lab) "I'm sure there will be a good job market when I graduate. I created a virus that will go off that year."
"Well, whoever stole my passwords was sure clever. Especially since none of my reminders are missing."
"My spam filter checks the recipient's address, http links, and any writing that panders to postmodern English romanticism with conceits to 20th century graphic narrative."
"Oh, Arthur is very careful about security on the Web. He never goes online in the same room on consecutive days."