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"Hello - forget the company's financials, look at the CEO's Facebook page under '25 Things the SEC Doesn't Know About Me.'"
"Jim and I do a lot of business together on Facebook. By the way, Jim, did you get the sales spreadsheet and little blue pony I sent you?"
"That's the problem - on Facebook everyone knows you’re a dog."
"I know it's a short profile, but I thought 'King of the Jungle' sort of said it all."
"I know Facebook is great and you want to be a part of it. But your'e my mom -you can't be my friend."
"I'd respond to this person's comment on Twitter, but I'm a former Marine, Bernard, and a Marine never retweets."
"Here's an idea. Why don't you start a social network for doofuses who think they know how to set a broken leg, but don't."
"Basically, it's a car-chasing network, but it's also much more. We discuss mail carriers, UPS trucks, vacuum cleaners..."