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"Look, I have no problem running Mickey-Micros and Pluto-PCs through a Tinker Bell bus, but we're never going to have a Huey-Dewey-Louie LAN on a Minnie-Mini without seriously upgrading our Goofy Software."
"I asked for software that would biodegrade after it was thrown out, not while it was running."
"Well, obviously one of the cells in the navigational spreadsheet is corrupt!"
"It's a football/math program. We're tackling multiplication, going long for division, and punting fractions."
"All I know is that I can't get the reflection tool to work in my Word document."
"Ok, Darryl, I think it's time to admit we didn't load the onboard mapping software correctly."
"I'm going to assume that most of you - but not all of you- understand that this this session on 'masking' has to do with Photoshop."
"Unless there's a corrupt cell in our spreadsheet analysis concerning the importance of trunk space, this should be a big seller next year."