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"The name is JAMES"
(Crypto The Hypnotist) "Well, there's your Web page, Crypto. Designed like you asked. But personally, I think it has too many spinning spirals and blinking lights. ..."
(The Glacier Movement Project Update Their Website) "Camera ready? Wait a minute. Hold it. Ready? Wait for the action
(Horner Bros.) "As a Web designer I never thought I'd say this, but I don't think your site has enough bells and whistles."
"Okay, well, I think we all get the gist of where Jerry was going with the site map."
(Rural Web Design) "What you want to do is balance the image of the pick-up truck sittin' behind your home page, with a busted washing machine in the foreground."
"Ooh wait! That's perfect for the clinic's home page. Just stretch it out a little further ... little more ..."
"I can't really explain it but every time I animate someone swinging a golf club, a little divot of code comes up missing on the home page."