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"In preparation for takeoff, we ask that you turn off all electronic devices, laptop computers and mainframes..."
"There are several regional dialects to the Arabic language. Right now we're learning the falafel sandwich shop dialect."
"These digital cameras are great at capturing action shots. Now, if only something interesting would happen."
(Scottish Tours) "Looks like our trip into the town of Argyll will be delayed while we let one of the local farmers pass with his sheep."
"I think we're close to the village Picasso grew up in."
(Running With The Very Tenacious Bulls In Pamplona) "Get your room key ready, Margaret!"
"This afternoon I want everyone to go online and research Native American culture, history of the old west, and discount airfares air fares to Hawaii for the weeks I'll be away."
"Okay antidote, antidote, what would an antidote icon look like? You know I still haven't got this desktop the way I'd like it."