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"Welcome to the Hotel de Notre-Dame. If there's anything else I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ring."
"There were several injuries during the building of the Sydney Opera House. Most of them architects who inadvertently sat on the scale model."
"As this is your first visit to Queensland, I suppose you're eager to see the Great Barrier reef."
"I love visiting Boston. There's so much history there - my first boyfriend, my second divorce, my third face lift."
(LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Most of the movie stars' hand prints in the cement sidewalk in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre were put there AFTER the cement had dried!)
"I enjoyed yelling out improvisational situations at Second City last night too. But this is The Joffrey Ballet ..."
(Chicago Hot Dog) "I'd give you a hot dog with everything but I'm out of Fruit Loops."
(While on vacation in Ireland, Bill and Denise watch a local family working on the traditional thatched roof cottage, thatched roof satellite dish, and thatched roof Jeep Cherokee.)