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"We're still analyzing the data from our door-to-door survey."
"I'd like to see how he plans to enforce a contract written on a baseball bat. It's not even notarized."
"The defendant is required to answer the question. At the time the contract was executed, did you or did you not link pinkies with the plaintiff?"
"I guess you should have read the fine print on that tag before you ripped it off the mattress."
"Okay, we all know how this is done. There are 4 of you and only 3 regional manager openings. Margaret - start the music."
"Another successful transfer of power."
"Good news, Sir Reginald. The King has elected you his succesor to the throne."
"It looks like a very good business plan. 'Protect the neighborhood,' 'Rescue small animals,' but 'Leap tall buildings with a single bound' sounds a little like you're overreaching."