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"Good news, Sir Reginald. The King has elected you his succesor to the throne."
"It looks like a very good business plan. 'Protect the neighborhood,' 'Rescue small animals,' but 'Leap tall buildings with a single bound' sounds a little like you're overreaching."
"This is a whole new type of mosquito repellent, so the business plan's going to have to be written from scratch."
"Don you're obviously the nonconformist creative type in the group. Why don't you kick off this session?"
"But rather than me just sitting here talking, why don't we watch this video of me sitting here talking."
(Brilliant Light Bulbs)
"The strings on a ukulele are G, C, E, and A. A good way to remember that is with the phrase, 'Giant Coackroaches Eat A lot'. "
"I've been an expert computer witness for over 20 years. I've testified about fraudulent whatnots, failed doohickies, missing thingys, you name it."