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"First you play a G7 diminished chord followed by an augmented 9th chord, then a perverted 32nd chord ending with a mangled 11th chord with a recovering 3rd."
"Okay, this time try not to take such a deep breath."
"Very nice audition, Vince. Let's talk a minute about that little thing you do at the end with the microphone."
"Denise is a natural at helping me with the lyrics. She's been finishing my sentences for over 20 years anyway."
"I can let you have this one for $50, no strings attached."
"Try this bow. The horsehairs came from a Triple Crown winner, so you may tend to rush the tempo a bit."
"Hey Ed, wanna hear me play 'the shower scene from Psycho,' again?"
(Edward Played A Mean Violin) "Your nose is too big, and your ears are grotesque."