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"We're using a 4 tiered system - PC, to mini, to Mr. Smoothy, to mainframe."
"Look, I have no problem running Mickey-Micros and Pluto-PCs through a Tinker Bell bus, but we're never going to have a Huey-Dewey-Louie LAN on a Minnie-Mini without seriously upgrading our Goofy Software."
"I've been an expert computer witness for over 20 years. I've testified about fraudulent whatnots, failed doohickies, missing thingys, you name it."
"Look at that craftsmanship. Notice the patina. It's already three years old. In the computer industry, that makes it a genuine antique."
"In preparation for takeoff, we ask that you turn off all electronic devices, laptop computers and mainframes..."
Bud and Elliot Grundt develop the first Mainframe Mouse
The New Hollywood - "CUT! PASTE!"
"It's another deep probe from Earth seeking contact with extraterrestrials. I wish they'd just include an e-mail address."