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"I just think it's ironic that someone with a face lift, an eye job, implants and a hair weave should all of a sudden become Miss Natural-Organic-Gardener."
"I used an all natural method of pest control, but we're still getting an occasional vacuum cleaner salesman in the garden."
"Organic gardening's become a way of life for us. I'll tell you more about it once Tom's finished aerating the soil."
"The seeds fell out of Walt's pocket six years ago and since then every August we just sit somewhere else."
(That should do it. - Something - Not Sure - Wait and See - Delph, maybe - Who Knows?)
"Aside from a little beginner's confusion, I've done very well with my bulbs."
"The next time you order flowering bulbs, I suggest you have them express mailed."
"Use less powder. Your planting them too deep."